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Tongda Group is a one-stop service provider of consumer electronics casings products. We are principally engaged in the design and production of consumer electrical appliances including the casings of handsets, notebook computers and electrical appliances and related products. With our advantages in innovative precision technology, fashionable product design and our advanced and reliable one-stop solutions, Tongda Group has progressed along with international renowned electrical appliances customers for years and maintained a leading position in the international market.

In 2000, Tongda Group was listed in the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is now classified to the “Information Technology – IT Hardware” industry sector. In 2006, Tongda Group ranked in Forbes Asia’s “200 Best Under A Billion”. The Group is dedicated to satisfying customers’ needs by establishing global production centres and service networks in over 30 nations and regions, in which Shishi, Xiamen, Shanghai and Shenzhen are our major production bases. Meanwhile, R&D centres have also been established in Shanghai and Taiwan.

Through our outstanding innovations and market-oriented products that combine flexibility features, Tongda Group maintains close strategic partnership with various corporations, namely Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Xiaomi, Coolpad, Haier, Gree, Media, Toshiba, HP, DELL, Asus, Nokia and Fujitsu.

Tongda Group focuses on its innovative system which drives the sustainable development of the corporation. The Group devoted efforts to expand its own In-mould Lamination (“IML”) and In-mould Decoration (“IMD ”) technological application and initiated the development of Laser Direct Structuring (“LDS”) antenna in the PRC market in order to provide one-stop services of integrating antenna and casings vertically with LDS antenna technology. Currently, the Group owns dozens of invention and patents. The Group has been honored as one of the “China Top-100 Electronic Information Technology Enterprises” and “National High New Technology Enterprises”.

Looking ahead, Tongda Group will continuously expand the investment in the application, research and development of new technologies, new materials and new craftsmanship. The Group will also maintain its leading role in the areas of global consumer electronic appliance components and fashionable casing decoration and the direction will be from decorations to functional components. The Group will continue to satisfy its customers and staff, to pursue practicality while be innovative and to create precise products. We will also closely follow the development strategy of the PRC and sustainably drive the promotion and transformation of the corporation.