Business Segment


Tongda Group commenced its development on handset business in 2003. After several years of operation, the Group developed its outstanding R&D team, product innovation capabilities and invested in smartphone design technology. These enhanced the diversity and flexibility of product mix for our clients, and shortened the launching time of products. Such advantages are well recognized by customers and enable the Group to capture both domestic and international markets and promote its gross profit margin to a higher level.

Business Growth Booster

In recent years, the demand for smartphones has rapidly grown and the reputation and market share of domestic handset brands in the international market are also growing. The Group’s handsets business, which is our major growth booster, was also benefited from such circumstance. To intensify the partnership with core customers, the Group will continue to focus on designing quality and fashionable handset casings, while developing ultra-slim and functional components to provide products at reasonable prices with reliable quality.

The Group has developed Laser Direct Structuring (“LDS”) technology for the design of new generation antenna system. Currently, the Group is the sole supplier providing a vertical integrated supply chain of such system in China. With the rapid development of mobile system technology, the fourth generation wireless communication system (4G), different operations are highly dependent on effective antenna systems. As 4G mobile devices have become popular, the Group will enjoy incomparable technological competitive advantage and has laid a solid foundation for the rapid growth in the coming 3 to 5 years.

Major Customers
The Group has been working closely with a number of renowned fast growing domestic and international handset brands, including:








IML handset casings
LDS antenna
IML feature phone lenses
Flat panel handset lenses
Handset decorations
Handset buttons
Laser engraved panel
Vacuum coating on handset decorations