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In-Mould Lamination (IML) technology

In-Mould Lamination (IML) technology, a patented technology, is one of the key advantages Tongda Group. The obvious characteristics of its skills are: its surface is hard transparent film, printed images are in the middle and plastic layer is at the back. As the printing ink is in the middle, it can prevent the surface from being scratched and it is friction resistant. It can also maintain the sharpness of the surface and make colors durable.

Production process of IML technology


Product effects of IML technology

1.Diversification of printing decoration effects: through the combination of printing techniques such as transfer printing, soft sense of touch, color printing and metallisation, diversified decorations can be made

Ultra-soft sense of touch surface and color printing plastic film Internal transfer printing and various kinds of galvanizing effect
Internal embossment with ultra-strong 3D texture Internal transfer printing +various kinds of galvanizing effect


2.Two-sided lamination technology: shows galvanized lens on front panel instead of hand stuck magic lens in the past


3.Research and development of ultra-slim IML with the slimmest of 0.80mm and deformability of less than 0.5mm; deformability of less than 1.0mm for a 6-inch battery covering; partial reduce material thickness can reach 0.6mm which is a leading standard in the industry

Home Business R&D Ability In-mould Lamination (IML) Technology