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In-Mould Transfer (IMT) Technology

In-mould Transfer (IMT) technology is a new process which is developed by combining and extending In-Mould Lamination (IML) technology and In-Mould Roller (IMR) technology.

IMT technology adopts IMR technology’s technique to separate film from ink and also employs IML technology’s method for forming and injection molding, with its multi-layer coating process effectively reserving the quality of main decorative layer.


Strengths of IMT Process:

  • Finished products with a minimal thickness of 0.70mm
  • Stable deformation characteristic
  • Without “peel-off” risk
  • Can meet functional requirements on product surface such as anti-fingerprint, wear resistance and gloss through process extension including UV spray

Product effects of IMT technology:

Home Business R&D Ability In-Mould Transfer (IMT) Technology