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LDS antenna technology


With the rapid development of mobile system technology, the fourth generation wireless communication system (4G) or above, different operations are highly dependent on effective antenna systems. Therefore, LDS antenna becomes a crucial breakthrough. Tongda Group noticed market opportunities and developed new business. The Group commenced its investment in LDS antenna in 2012 and is currently the only operator providing a vertical integrated supply chain of such system in China. As 4G mobile devices have become popular, the Group will enjoy incomparable technological competitive advantage and has laid a solid foundation for the rapid growth in the coming 3 to 5 years.

LDS technology production process

The principle of LDS technology is using laser to activate metallic particles of plastic casings with metal components and galvanize the plastic materials with environmental- friendly copper sheets, the 3D design can directly turn a handset casing into antenna to receive signals.

Integrated Antenna & Component Design → Plastic Injection → Laser Marking → Plating → RF Testing → Surface Treatment → post-production program

Advantages of LDS technology

The trends of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and notebook computers) are large monitor, thin frame and multifunctional. The requirements of antenna have also become stricter. LDS antenna technology can provide flexible and complicated 3D designs. This technology is small in volume and its technological application on mobile device has already surpassed traditional Flex-antenna. Its advantages are that:

  • it can combine different kinds of antennas; such as Global System for Mobile (GSM), Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA), wireless network (WiFi), Bluetooth and Frequency Modulation Radio (FM Radio)
  • it can save room for slim and complicated mobile device structure
  • it can reduce different kinds of antenna interferences so as to reduce the opportunity of users touching the antenna directly and weaken the signal
  • it can be extensively applied on smartphones, tablets and notebook computers
Home Business R&D Ability LDS antenna technology