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Laminated metal filming (LMF) technology

The Group is currently focusing on the research and development of aluminum alloy products: aluminum alloy is the collective term of alloy, the base of which is aluminum. Its characteristics of low density and high strength make its quality comparable to or even higher than high-quality steel’s. It has high ductility and can be processed into various profiles. It also possesses high electric conductibility, heat conductibility and friction resistance and is extensively used in industry.

LMF technology production process


The applications of metal products in notebook computers:

Currently, construction plastic material (PC and ABS) is the most common material used in notebook computer casings. However, the disadvantages of notebook computer casings made of construction plastic material are the heavy weight, low strength, low heat conductivity and failure to cover electromagnetic radiation. While the advantages of aluminum alloy are its high strength, heat resistance, friction resistance, electric conductibility, heat conductibility and erosion resistance. LMF casings effectively maintain the hardness of metals while preserving the attractiveness of IML technology decoration, thus it was widely accepted by a number of brands in the period.

Metal products

Laminated metal Filming (LMF) Technology

Color and pattern Etching effect Fading effect
Vein and texture Black brushing  
Home Business R&D Ability Laminated metal filming (LMF) technology