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Printing and coating

Tongda Group has been dedicated to the research and development in the area of casing decoration for a long time. Its ability, size and technique maintain a leading position in the industry. Currently, the Group has successfully developed various vein texture printing methods, including embedded leather, cloth texture, grain, marble, drawing texture and various coral rugosities. The strong research and development ability of the printing research centre guarantees the Group’s leading position in the industry.

After the printing process, products will carry out activation processes on different material surfaces and coat non-conductive metal film, anti-electromagnetic film and color film on material surfaces. The products create the trendiness and high-tech looking of the clients’ products and personalises them, which are technological and trendy with strong decorativeness and functions so that combination of various techniques is realized.

Vein texture printing:

Grain texture printing
3D texture printing
Drawing texture printing

Imitation leather texture printing
Marble texture printing
Cloth texture printing

Rugosity texture printing