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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social ResponsibilityTongda Group, a consumer electronics and high-precision components supplier, is committed to minimizing environmental impact, emphasising sustainable development, and continuously focusing on supplier Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management, safe operations, social contributions, caring for employees, and stakeholder communication.

Tongda Group’s CSR model – We are focusing on the following critical success factors through on our CSR but not limited to these activities.

Stakeholder Communication – Tongda Group respects the rights of its employees and stakeholders. We continuously improve communication with stakeholders, increase customer satisfaction, build partnerships of coexistence and co-prosperity with our suppliers, and enhance user experience management based on industry standards and corporate strategies.

Employee Welfare – Tongda Group believes that its employees are our greatest human capital. We provide the best working condition to our employee and implement labor system to ensure compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations, including but not limited to child labour, work hours, minimum wage, overtime, and statutory benefits. We value employees' contributions and make every effort to ensure that employees' personal growth is realized alongside the company's success. We have been independently certified SA 8000 Social Accountability System.

Health and Safety – Tongda Group provides a health and safety environment to our employees and stakeholders. We systematically identify sources of potential contingencies, assess risks, and implement risk control measures. We have been independently certified ISO 9000 Quality Management System and improved our health and safety factors in all activities continuously.

Environmental Protection – Tongda Group cares green environment in its all activities. We dedicated to controlling emissions and minimizing wastes discharging from our workplace. We strictly comply with the code of practice in our industry but not limited to: Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS), Hazardous Substance Free (HSF), Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), and Conflict free metal policy statement. We have been independently certified ISO 14000 Environmental Management System.

Fair Operations – Tongda Group works against all forms of bribery, corrupt activities, dumping, and monopolies. We strictly follow to applicable laws and regulations, code of conduct, honesty and moral, the highest ethical standards in all activities. Employees and stakeholders are required to report any evidence of fraud, unethical business conduct, violation of laws, danger to health or safety or any other violation of corporate policies.

Social Contribution - Tongda Group always believes in giving back to society. We insist on local operations, contributing to the local welfare, education, and disaster relief efforts, and being an ethical corporate citizen.

Environmental, Social and Governance Report