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1. Rules and conditions as to visiting website of Tongda Group
The following rules are applied to all the website users or visitors. Tongda Group Holdings Ltd ("Tongda Group") reserves the interpretation and amendment rights. The right to visit the website shall be granted by Tongda Group in accordance with the following provisions. If you do not agree with any of the following articles, please stop using the website. Those who violate these rules, Tongda Group hold the right to take legal and equitable remedies.

2. Statement for non-commitment responsibility
The materials and information contained in this website including but not limited to text, photographs, data, views, recommendations, web pages, or links, no instruction or implication to the material and content, including but not limited to the title secured, no violations of the rights of third parties, and no assurance of the computer virus.

Tongda Group can modify the content on the website without any notification or warning at any time. To get the latest version of the information, please visit the site regularly.

The products or service that Tongda Group referred on this website but not belong to Tongda Group is only to provide related information which does not constitute any recognition or recommendation of these products or service.

Tongda Group will not make any statement, promise or recognition to the products, service or information provided on the website. All the products and services on sale should be subject to the company's sales contracts and provisions of the constitution.

3. Statement of copyright
All the contents contained on the website: the ownership of text, graphics, logo, creativity, Software belong to Tongda Group and protected by Chinese and international copyright law. For copy of all the contents on the website (refers to collection, blend and recombine), the website enjoys exclusive rights and protected by the Chinese and international copyright law. The ownership of all the software used in the website belongs to Tongda Group or its software suppliers and protected by the Chinese and international copyright law. Any other use of content and software on the website including recycling, modify, publish, transmit, reprint, broadcast or demonstration were strictly forbidden.


4. Trademarks
All the trademarks or logos used or displayed on the website belong to Tongda Group except those trademarks, logos that belong to other units which are stated clearly. Any contents on the website should not be regarded without the written permission of Tongda Group or the other side, a hint, or disagreement or any other forms authorized to use the foregoing trademarks, logos, licensing or right. Without prior written permission, no person shall in any way use names, trademarks and logos of Tongda Group.


5. Products or services provided
As the Internet has internationalism, therefore, information provided on this website also has internationalism, which means not all the products or service displayed on this website can be provided in your country or region, please contact local sales representatives or agents to know the products or services in your country or region.


6. Link to the third party
This website may reserve links with the third party or website. It depends on users themselves whether they visit these websites linked. Tongda Group does not guarantee that accuracy, completeness, adequacy and reliability of any information, data, perspective, photographs, statements or recommendations provided by these links the. Tongda Group only provides these links to provide convenience, which does not mean that the recognition or recommendation of these information by Tongda Group, is not for publicity or advertising purposes.


7. Protection of personal information
Tongda Group fully respects your privacy and spares no efforts to protect your personal information. Under normal circumstances, you can browse the website without any personal information provided. For a specific purpose, if you filled out a voluntary form of registration or subscription to the electronic information required for the name, sex, types of travel documents and identification papers, date of birth, country, e-mail, telephone, address and postcode, the services wanted or preference information, customer code and other similar personal information, it means that you have to understand and accept your personal information purposes, consent Tongda Group for the specific purpose of the use of your personal information. Tongda Group makes commitment at any time and under any circumstances it will not sell your personal information. Tongda Group only use the information obtained by this term within the law permitted.

But Tongda Group may provide certain of your personal information according to the law or requirements of government departments; Or under the circumstance that Tongda Group believe it is necessary to do so to protect Tongda Group customers or the public, perhaps as confined as possible to open certain personal information. When you provide personal information you should have foreseen and agreed to this from happening.


8. Copyright complaints
Tongda Group respect other people's intellectual property rights, if you confirm your works to be copied in some way, and acts violated Chinese and international copyright law, so please make copyright complaints to Tongda Group.


9.Applicable law and jurisdiction
Tongda Group website is operated and controlled by Tongda Group Holdings Ltd, is applicable of the laws of the PRC; we reserve the right we modify our website and the above terms at any time.

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